Lab Photos
Group photo, May 2018. From left to right: Gladys Diaz-Vazquez, Gibert Loiseau, Sam Anderson, Sam Condon, Alessandro Senes, Sam Craven, Kai Cai, Beth Caselle and John Yuan.
Annual foosball tournament — January 2018. Top photo, from left to right: Sam Craven (overall winner), Gibert Loiseau, Beth Caselle, Sam Condon, Ethan Wyland. Bottom photo: Alessandro Senes, Kai Cai, Gilbert Loiseau.
Farewell party for Deena and Claire — July 2017. From left to right: Carey McAndrews (Alessandro's wife), Marc Caselle (Beth's husband), Beth Caselle, Sam Condon, Sam Anderson, Deena-Al Mahbuba, Claire Armstrong, Gladys Díaz-Vázquez, Sam Craven
Ice-cream break — February 2016. From left to right: Gladys Díaz-Vázquez, Deena-Al Mahbuba, Sam Anderson, Sam Condon, Claire Armstrong, Sam Craven, Beth Caselle
At the Terrace — May 2016. From left to right: Sam Anderson, Deena-Al Mahbuba, Elizabeth Caselle, Lucy Jiang, Sam Condon, Claire Armstrong, Evan Lange
Alessandro Senes
Associate Professor
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